The B WordIt was a day of change - I was in a consultancy’s fancy offices instead of my usual. I had to duck out of my all-day meeting there, going through July 1, 2024

AI, job loss and tax: the mind bogglesI’m no economist. But I’ve recently read Follow the Money: how much does Britain cost?, researched some Treasury statistics, and listened to a few June 20, 2024

Part 1: Scrutinising ScrutinyIn the world of government, you can either be a direct part of it or a scrutiniser of it. While the government gets on with governing, the scrutiny June 19, 2024

Writing is not thinking, it’s thinking aloudPart of my motivation to write is the mantra “writing is thinking”. I often perceive a lack of clarity in my thought process and opinions, and have June 16, 2024

How concerned should we be about government control of parliamentary time?100s of new Members of Parliament (MPs) will enter the UK House of Commons in July. I’ve read, in a couple of places, that one problem they will June 15, 2024

Pre-emptive polls, shortcut slogansThe other day, I met a Labour candidate in a constituency which is currently Tory. Labour have historically been the second party, but were pushed June 13, 2024