Home and escapeI have always loved Lorde’s song ‘Mood Ring’. It’s airy and intriguing. But I only recently learnt it’s a satirical take on wellness culture in the June 12, 2024

Realism vs ambition: banning nuclear weaponsThis is one of my longer and more unruly pieces from my daily writing challenge. I spent more time reading into it than scoping out what I would June 11, 2024

Perfectionism & the lie I have told you allConfession time: I failed with my writing challenge on day 2. June 2nd was an unusually full-on day - between a conference, pub trip and party I June 10, 2024

Carbon removal beyond net zeroWe need carbon dioxide removal (CDR) at scale if we are to avoid the worst possible climate outcomes. This is indisputable to me, though many June 4, 2024

He’s got his whole world in his handsA quality I’ve often admired in my housemates is how they build their own worlds. Living together is seeing their life up close, in relatively high June 3, 2024

The world doesn’t need my ideasI went to a talk by Rory Stewart the other night. He was talking about GiveDirectly, the charity of which he is Director and passionate advocate. As June 2, 2024